Tuesday, February 15, 2011


the new year didn't phase me. and i lived through valentines day with out a hitch. i seem to be living life as though it doesn't have to go through a media filter. and so i am here. with the gift of renewal. i am two weeks dry. no alcohol. i feel great. but now apparent are the other ills of my ways. i am in need of cleaning up the rest of my life. a list of personal departments that need cleansing are food consumption, physical activity, fiscal responsibility, intellectual growth, and artistic inspiration. so... i am embarking on a mission. i am approaching every day as a new one. every day as if i have a blank slate to mar all on my own. i am going to set goals long term and short. i would really love to create a large piece of substantial writing. one that perhaps i can work on publishing if only locally. short term goals. staying sober. walking to work. going to sleep before midnight. watching tv only every other day. water no juice. plenty of tea and no coffee. at least two books a week. library materials returned on time and a plane ticket. perhaps even renew my passport. and start seeds inside for the garden which is still buried beneath the snow. new music. monthly playlists with work playlists interspersed.
a lot to do. but i want to cultivate motivation and i think that the beginning of my dry month has been tormented by my desire to sit on the couch and eat chocolate cake. not helpful to my mind body or soul.
so.... here i go

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