Sunday, November 23, 2014


My family held hands around the dinner table.  In turn we would each say one thing we were thankful for.  Afterwards we would sing a song 'thank you lord for bringing us together, and may love grow within our hearts.'
I had completely forgotten this traditional anecdote of my childhood until the other day I was talking with my brother.  He mentioned that his family has adopted this practice, with a minor adjustment to the word lord.  
Immediately I remembered the tune of the song and began humming it to myself.  Then I realized the power of those words... May love grow within our hearts.   At the time, my little self had no idea of the importance of these words, the great simple message that was reverberating over our food and through our voices, our hearts together as a family.   I wonder if my  mother knew that at some point in my adult life I would find these words again and realize how truly blessed with love my childhood was.  
In this season of gratefulness I would like to begin with saying thank you to my family for fostering love in my tiny little heart.  

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