Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Joburg, South Africa.

Lazy Tuesday afternoon in a foreign city.  My girlfriend naps and I am taken by how blessed and grateful and downright fucking lucky I am to have fallen in love with such a big hearted woman.  We have been traveling through this gorgeous country for two weeks seeing striking landscape, and sipping on creative endeavors that taste of the earth, wind and soil.  We have met laughing hearts full of spirit and generosity.   We have been awed by camouflaged creatures emerging from the bush at sunrise.   We have been blessed by friends and firelight.  But the most amazing of all is that I get to look into her eyes while I experience all of this.  I get to see her surprise and excitement.  Ease her fear and relish in her joy.  Her heart has made me at home.  I am forever thrilled and excited to be on a journey with her, my love.