Friday, September 2, 2011

instrumental means no talking

a politically savvy persona is necessary to walk with my head held high. hard in this mess of an economy. tax payments and pissed off landlords. i try to make it all fit. move my furniture, rearrange my soul, plant a garden with a 4 year old.
all the while wondering what i will find in the dirt...
so i sit with a coffee and a plan in my brain that never quite reaches my feet. i dream of dancing in sand and loving with all of my heart. make things with my hands and come all over my bedspread.
it is easy to live a life full of everything. exhausted and full of contradictions i walk through the neighborhood late at night with my neck thrown back. my eyes searching for stars.
and then they ask me of the my ink. what does it mean. who are you?
it is mine and i don't have to answer. i watch the blue flicker of a tv screen through her windows and wonder what kind of lover she would be.
then i slip my hands over my thighs into my wet, waiting pussy and fall asleep to dream of accomplishment.
in the morning. the sun sneaks under the drawn shades and i listen to pete rock to make the day move.

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