Monday, August 25, 2014


following my nose through the weekend.  a trip to the library resulted in many many books on my shelf.  a promise of a crate of poetry delivered to my door via, two dear friends.  i let frustrations get the best of me and i learned, again, that honesty means taking a big gulp of air and saying what is weighing on your heart.  
my curiosity has been peaked by a trip to the historical society and stories are brewing in my creative mind.  very exciting.  i have made a commitment to myself, to have fun adventures in loud music.  i am realizing that i am my own best tool to manifest.  so... here i go. on this adventure of making what i want a reality.  very empowering.  i will refrain from allowing this space to become full of self help drivel, but the excitement and journey will be here in my own vague description and voice.  

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