Friday, August 15, 2014

fragments of morning are bridges to my everyday

the breeze from my window is cool.  i feel the change of season on my skin, and relish the warmth of my blankets.  the light of morning leaks through the slats of my window shades and i close my eyes in hopes of warding off the inevitable day.
a list as long as my arm awaits as i put my feet on the floor.  before i have had my tea i pay delinquent parking tickets.  and now after i write this i must go to the hardware store for fluorescent tubes and mop heads.  the glamour of my life is not lost on me.
i will walk across the bridge, and deliver my goods with gratitude and admonishments.  a quick clock in and perhaps i will stop and write in the back room of the chain on the corner.  before i cross the bridge again, to make myself some lunch, beans and rice.  somewhere in there i will fold laundry and empty the cat litter.  amazing how the mundane turns into such a feeling of accomplishment.
i will shower and dress for the evening in black.  only to cross the bridge again, and create calm in the crazy of rich vegetarians dining in a three hundred year old building.  and then in the cool of the almost fall air i will cross the bridge again.  in the waning moonlight the river will sparkle and ducks will float in place as they bob their heads for food.  i will watch from above, wrapped in a scarf, my crossing from pa to nj noted by painted borders.  it is strange how every day i walk a course of history.  what took washington and his fellow revolutionary's hours is less than a fifteen minute commitment.  i think of that cold christmas night often as i saunter in the moonlight, and weave through the tourists and walk my commute.

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