Monday, August 4, 2014

somewhere i want to fit in a run

my morning began at four o'clock.  i read for an hour after waking from a very strange dream.  i am almost one hundred pages from the end of my book.  then i fell back to sleep, dreamt even stranger dreams and gave up on the entire endeavor at 8am.
i roused from my nest and packed my bag.  fed the cats, and watered the plants.  i still have to make watermelon feta salad, pay my roommate $5 for water this month, buy three nine volt batteries, buy my ticket to nyc and go to the pool for the afternoon.  i figure i can finish my book at the pool, and paint my toes when i get home from work.  i have a duck egg for breakfast tomorrow morning and one more peach.
then tomorrow i get on a bus before the sun rises and head north.  home.  to vermont on a vacation.

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